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We may have mentioned before how much we LOVE all things stationery connected. Liberty opened its new stationery department yesterday and TWR (along with our mate Francesca) were the first visitors (Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was there too, but we were there first). Oh my, how we loved it.

If you like notebooks, decorative Sellotape, cards or sticky labels, make a detour soon. It was almost impossible to choose a notebook, there were so many lovely ones (gold or metallic blue leather! Pantone! Even one specifically for bloggers!), but I finally decided on the Liberty printed floral exercise books, which have just been launched, at £8.95 each. There are also matching pencil cases. Francesca bought a box of decorative cards from the lovely American brand Rifle Paper and the wonderfully direct OMFG notebook for work.

At the front of the department (which is on the ground floor) there is a Love Wall, made of cut paper, where you can leave a Valentine message and while we were there, Liberty’s resident creative doodler, Max, was busy drawing little pictures all over the furniture and walls to give the place even more of a scribbly feel.

TWR will be back, I fear many times. which might be expensive, as this is not a cheap place. But it is stationery geek heaven, so we don’t care.

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