Suti Rejuvenate organic facial oil: readers reviews

You may remember we offered you the chance to test the Organic facial oil from Suti recently. Well the lucky readers who got a bottle each, Helen and Lilac have sent their reviews in….here’s what they said.


“The Suti Face Oil is wonderful!

My skin is in good condition generally, but was looking rather drained and sallow. I have a clear complexion and not too dry or oily, so I used the face oil at night after cleansing and toning. This in conjunction with my light day time moisturiser worked wonderfully well. The oil is readily absorbed into the skin – no greasy leftovers – it smells beautiful too. After a week my skin looked better and healthier, after a month I am devoted to it. It really is lovely to use on the face and neck – my hands (which are rather dry) loved it too. I wish they would develop a body oil (hint to Suti!)

The only downside was the packaging – it had leaked a little on arrival and the pipette didn’t “hold” the oil – it dripped continuously, making application awkward (not wanting drips on clothes or furniture).

Thanks for the chance to trial this product. They have a new customer”

(ED; we have told the Suti team about this and they told us they think it was a faulty stopper and have checked all their stock. They’ve also sent Helen a replacement, even though she didn’t ask for one).


“The day you arrive back from a holiday can be depressing, but this time the hard landing was softened by the sight of the rich, yellow Suti oil awaiting me.  Golden hope for my old gold face.  On the top of the box is says, ‘feed your skin’.  I took it at it’s word, I slapped it on greedily and breathed in the beautiful floral notes. I used it at the end of the day for the next month. My skin is softer and my skin tone looks more even.  As well as benefiting my skin it makes me feel relaxed and ready for bed.  Even better, my reflection in the mirror each morning doesn’t now look as if it’s going to ask me if I’ve tidied my room up yet!”


I’ve been trialling it too and I find it very gentle, easy to apply and soothing. I can’t say I’ve noticed a great deal of difference in my skin, but it is an uplifting product to use, mostly because it smells so nice, a richly-rosey scent that lingers lightly on the skin. Sits very nicely under my night time moisturiser.

We tested the Rejuvenate organic face oil at £28.00

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  • Jo says:

    I bought the nourish face oil from Suti after reading the post on their products. I have been using it for a few weeks and absolutely love it! It smells heavenly and has now become a cherished part of my winding down routine. I have noticed a real improvement in my skin which looks brighter and more moisturised. I would definitely recommend to others.

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