Gojee: recipes curated for you


Since having children and a husband who’s idea of a meal is a bowl of Weetabix (he does do washing though, so I forgive him) I have lost my interest in cooking. Day to day cooking for kids can be frustrating and relentless and is enought to turn even the most competant cook into Wendy Craig in the 1970’s sit com Butterflies!

Having teenagers can be even worse as they are constantly hungry, but never want to eat what’s on offer. There is nothing more depressing than trying to think of an interesting meal to suit everyone, when anything remotely tasty gets polished off within an hour of entering the house. My teens are always standing at the fridge, door, peering in hopefully, moaning ‘why is there never anything to eat in this house’?

We were overjoyed when Womens Room reader (and former chef) Gwyneth told us about a new website called Gojee, which could be the answer to all our cooking prayers. The site curates and personalzes recipes based on what you like or dislike, what you have in your fridge, or what you are craving. Simply choose the catagory and type in an ingredient. You are then offered a series of recipes based around your choice. I typed in plums, as I had six slightly over ripe plums in my fruit basket and it came up with, Plum in Love Spiced Cake, Plum and Buttered Bread Pudding, Vanilla and Almond Scented Apricot Summerberry Pie, Plum and Ricotta tartletts and many more delicious and easy to cook recipes. When you have decided on a recipe you can book mark it and add it to your favourites, creating your very own online recipe book.

The recipes are curated from a selection of excellent food bloggers from all over the world, who are all listed on the site, but beware, you could be on there for hours.
It is such a great idea and an excellent way of merging online and offline worlds, and who knows it may even revive my interest in cooking!

BTW has anyone else noticed that the actor who played the older son, Russell, in Butterflies, is currently playing a cross dresser in Coronation Street!


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