At last: J Crew in the UK

Along with Club Monaco, J Crew is on our ‘must visit’ list of stores when visiting the US. Both brands offer affordable, good quality, wearable clothes. They are fashion forward without being scary, usually in lovely colour palettes and suitable for all ages – we wish we could say that about more UK fashion brands!

Sadly both brands only have limited availability in the UK, Club Monaco is available online and in store through a collaboration with Browns, and a small range of J Crew is available on Net-a- Porter. But from the end of August, J Crew have decided to bring the whole range to the UK, with the launch of an ecommerce site.

Super stylish creative director Jenna Lyons (see her gorgeous house and style in the September issue of British Vogue) says “We’d love to open stores in the UK, I’m absolutely champing at the bit to do it!”
How fabulous would that be? But for now, we are quite happy to make do with the new site. Shipping to the UK costs a flat rate of £9.95, so it makes sense to buy lots!!


  • How long have we all been saying J Crew would be great here? Fantastic news, I’ll be straight on the web site. GG

  • Jane says:

    Me too.
    Just checked out your blog GG, love it.

  • JJP says:

    Well, I hope you guys won’t have the same problems we got in Canada, when JCrew decided to change the e-commerce rules and up up up went the prices…
    They seems to have reverted to this flat 9.95$CN shipping fee but well… They certainly lost some customers with this story… And we thought that being such a good neighbor would protect us ;-)

  • Thank you Jane, much appreciated. GG

  • Amanda says:

    Stop telling everyone Jane!!!!!!x

  • Meriel says:

    I have long been a J Crew fan and always go when I am in the States so was delighted to hear it was now available in the UK online but…. wow is it expensive. The £9.95 shipping is fine, but the clothes are virtually the same price in pounds as they are in dollars on the US site (note as well that the online prices don’t include VAT which is added at checkout). So, good if you are feeling desperate but bottom line is that it’s still worth buying from the US site if possible (find a friend with a US postal address and phone J Crew with your UK credit card).

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