Dog shopping and when Archie got his ‘hair did’

Edwyn Uk

Owning a dog opens up a whole new world of shopping needs and as a trend forecaster I foresee massive opportunities for specialist services and high quality products for this market in the future. I have recently met some lovely people who are leading the way by creating niche businesses to appeal the ever increasing number of pet owners who want their dog products to be as considered and well designed as their own.

Having had a nightmare experience with a neurotic untrained dog, several years ago (who sadly we had to re-home), the first thing we did when we got Archie was to enlist the services of a behaviour specialist to set us on the right track from the word go. We were told about Louise from the Darling Dog Company (talking to other dog owners is the best way to find things out) and signed up for a one on one session. If you are thinking of getting a puppy, or have problems with an older dog, I can highly recommend Louise. Her firm but kind advice on how to bond with your dog and train them using patience, love and consistency has proved invaluable and we are thinking of going a long to some of her training classes soon. She also writes a really interesting blog.

Edwyn Uk

This week I also met up with Louise Brooker the founder of Edwyn Uk, who makes lovely products for ‘hound and home’. After becoming the proud owner of Welsh terrier Edwyn (named after Edwyn Collins, of course), Louise wanted to incorporate her background in furniture and interior design, into products for dogs and their owners. The result is a lovely collection of hand made pet and home accessories with an ‘Old Town meets Labour and Wait with a little bit of fun’ aesthetic. Louise has a stall at Spitalfields market every Friday and sells in selected small pet shops and online. She will also have a stall at the East London Craft Guerilla Market on the 3rd of December in Walthamstow – look out for our round up of the best alternative Christmas shopping nearer the time.

It seems the East London dog world is pretty tight knit and Louise mentioned she was about to sell her products in a new dog groomers/shop that had recently opened near Victoria Park in Hackney and weirdly I had just booked an appointment to have Archie’s rather shaggy coat groomed there.

Victoria Bark (don’t you just love the name?) is the brain child of Becca, a dog groomer with a passion for dogs and an eye for anything well designed. I was initially drawn by the lovely graphics on Becca’s card and website and thought if she can create such a lovely brand identity, she must surely know how to make a dog look good. And of course she can – take a look at Archie’s before and after pics. Her charming salon sells a great range of toys and treats, as well as the high quality dog food Lilys Kitchen Dog food, and the dog grooming prices are very competitive.

Before and after


  • Jude says:

    Archie’s new ‘do’ takes years off him

  • Jane says:

    Thanks Jude *proud face* J x

  • cate says:

    So wonderful to see EdwynUK their products are really great!

  • Jude says:

    He looks pretty happy with it too. I say that as I firmly believe dogs know what they look like (I’m sure you’re nodding your head right now). We used to have a Cairn terrier, back in the 70’s when there wasn’t the large choice of doggie groomers around. Our regular groomer was on hols and it was the hot summer of ’76 when he needed a trim so Mum took him to a poodle parlour in desperation. You’d think they’d apply general cutting knowledge, but no, they gave him a true poodle cut – shaved torso, tail, neck and legs; long hair on ankles, tail end, head and chest. I swear he SLUNK into the house, head down, wouldn’t look us in the eyes, and sulked in his bed for the whole day – I’m sure he knew he looked ridiculous.

  • Jane says:

    I agree Jude we had a Scottie dog when I was a kidnwho growled for two days after a hair cut as he clearly felt a bit silly and a bit liitle angry when we all pointed at him and laughed. Archie however has been bouncing around as proud as punch !! J x

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