Dressing your door – Christmas wreath photo round up

The Christmas wreath on the door is the domestic equivalent of the holiday shop window so this week I swapped my usual retail observations for front doors.

There are some lovely ones around, from the huge and beautiful (Knightsbridge -things look competitive there…) to the home made and charming (Barnes and Mortlake), here’s a quick round up of the best ones. How’s your door dressed this Christmas?

Animal heads and dangling birds add a new dimension.

Off-piste colour combos are a great alternative, I love these shades of lilac, lavender and plum.

Fruits – sliced and dried-are festive, apple slices are the new orange I think….

Simple green ones are always stylish, I love the string wound around the one on the right….

Natural colours and woodland trimmings….

I really loved the door on the left, the basket looks like it might get nice presents left in it….

Jingly silver bells and silver leaves…

Simple tied wreaths make it look like you’ve just artfully done this yourself, even if you haven’t…

Keeping it simple is always a good idea, you don’t have to go mad.

Even a bow around the knocker adds festive cheer…although to be honest I think I’d have done a slightly bigger one.

Here are two store windows wreaths I liked the look of, the painted-on-glass one at a restaurant and the light bulb wreath with jolly colours, the sort of idea you think ‘oh I could do that with a bit of planning’ but never do.


  • gillian taylor says:

    These are all gorgeous – she says rushing to front door to add extras to plain green one!!! I was going for the less is more look! Discovered a fab shop called Luma in Barnes on Saturday – worth a visit!!

  • Jennifer says:

    What a fab selection – I have mine but it’s not up yet, I wanted to add a few extra bits – now I have lots of inspiration. Thank you.

  • Bee Sharp says:

    Just gorgeous photos as always on your blog, I live in Greece and it makes my day to see “home” brought so beautifully to life.

  • Amanda says:

    Ooh Bee how fab to have you reading from sunny Greece…..glad the photos are providing inspiration A

  • Rachel says:

    I haven’t decorated my door for fear of it getting nicked but I’m thinking that I love these so much, that I might aim for having one for the inside of my door next year. Would that be too strange?

  • Jude says:

    They’re all lovely Amanda, wish I’d been more inspired to get my act together this year – bit worried about it getting nicked though, as I’m not exaclty in a Knightsbridge-level area! I need to bookmark this for next November in readiness.

  • Amanda says:

    Rachel I think whatever works for you, how about suspending it in the window? would that work? but on the nicking point…I have mine firmly wired onto my door knocker with strong florist wire, you’d have to rip most of the door off to nick it…Ax

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