More dancing in 2012! at Drink Shop Dance

Should we make New Year’s resolutions (best not to, I find, you only end up being disappointed) then we would definitely want to dance more in 2012. Dancing is joyous, fun and even counts as exercise so we should do much more of it, but outside of the Zumba class the problem is, where? Clubs are full of the under 30s looking super hip and if you do venture in, everyone assumes you’ve come to pick up your children. There is a shortage of good places to dance madly and enthusiastically at our age without feeling stupid.

Some of you might have already been to the kitsch-chic tea room Drink Shop Do in London’s Kings Cross, it’s been one of our favourite places to grab a cake and a cuppa over the last year or two if we are in the area. The interior is charming and stylish and feels like the sort of place you’d like to hang out all day in. Well now they’ve extended the service to include dancing!… in what was the old sex shop in the basement. If you’ve ever been you will remember the large notice on the way to the ladies warning you that turning the wrong way at the bottom of the stairs might cause embarrassment to the faint-of-heart.

The Drink Shop Dance area was opened just before Christmas and we haven’t been yet, but the website promises boutique gins, cocktails and dancing until late. If the new space is as stylish and fun as the rest of the store/cafe then it might be just what we’re looking for to let our hair down, at the very least it sounds like a good place to drink a cocktail.  have any of our London based readers been yet?

Drink Shop Dance is at 9 Caledonian Road, London. Open Tuesday – Saturday from 5.00pm to late.

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