Chatsworth Road Market

Since owning a dog, M.A.D and I have taken to going for long walks at weekends and have been discovering some really interesting, previously unexplored parts of London.

This weekend we were out and about in our very own borough, finding some great  new shops, galleries and cafes. Hackney is home to many artists, creatives and forward thinkers, who are slowly transforming once run down, neighbourhoods into lively, interesting places to eat, shop and hang out.

I am not talking about re-generation here, as that can means rising house prices, silly shop rents and driving out those born and bred in the area. This is about taking what’s good and and adding to it. The new breed of young entrepreneurs are keen to work with the local community and integrate into it, rather than putting the locals out of business. 

Homerton is an area, which, apart from visiting the hospital I didn’t know much about, although my friends Rachel and Cat had been assuring me for years it was on the up. Cat was even bold enough to say that Chatsworth Road was the new Broadway Market, but that may be going a bit too far (and I’m not exactly sure Broadway Market is the best example of how to change an neighbourhood- but that’s another story). 

The innovative team behind The Peoples Supermarket are in the process of setting up a venture in Homerton. Hackney Council and Viridian Housing have asked the the Peoples Supermarket management team to take over (for free) a vast site opposite the station. A 10-week consultation led to 500 people pledging support for the idea which will also house a creche and cafe. They need £1 million and are using a ‘Brick by Brick’ fundraising campaign to get things going. They plan to open by the beginning of June 2012.

The Chatsworth Road area is the hub of the changes in Homerton, with some really interesting shops and cafes beginning to pop up. Previously a thriving market, (it closed in the 90’s) local traders keen to create a sense of community and to encourage people to shop locally, campaigned for several years to revive it. They were finally successful last year and it’s gone from strength to strength since the Sunday market went weekly. 

The great thing about Chatsworth Road is, while it has it’s fair share of artisan bread/vintage clothing stalls (nothing wrong with those  but you know what I mean) it also has a wide variety of food from around the world and interesting, useful stalls. One gets the sense, that this is truly a local market and not just a place for arty hipsters to drink flat whites on a Sunday – although there are plenty of those too – natch!

Apparently Chatsworth Road was where Sir Alan Sugar first traded back in the day, selling army surplus on a market stall. Now it’s the place to stock up on fruit and vege, eat French-Vietnamese banh mi, try Bamber Brothers homemade luxury cheesecake, Hackney made jam from London Borough of Jam, or eat devilled kidneys from What the Dickens.

And if you are not completely stuffed after all that, pop into Cakey Muto for a delicious homemade pie or cake.

 Chatsworth Road market E5, is open every Sunday between 11am to 4pm.


  • Lilac says:

    Looks like a great place to explore, then name of the pie shop is puntastic.

  • Marv says:

    Interesting you say that about Broadway – living just over the road (the ‘wrong’ side of Mare St) and remembering when Broadway was a dump (and it was), despite the improvement I do look at it now and think it’s all gone a bit over-the-top.

    Like the look of Chatsworth. Might have to pop up there this weekend. Will buy you a cake if I see you now I know what you look like! (S’allright, A will tell you I’m not a mad axe murderer)

  • Jane says:

    The pie shops is fantastic, you have to go Lilac.
    Youre on Marv. Off to Broadway Market on Sat, I love it and hate it at the same time! JX

  • Ben says:

    Chatsworth Road looks great! And I love the idea of the London Borough of Jam…

  • Marv says:

    Might see you at Broadway as we generally pop over there, even if only for me to get my ‘olive breadstick’ fix from the guys on the bread stall down at the bottom. Those breadsticks are my new drug….

  • Carol says:

    Nor been in Chatsworth Road since 1982. Think that visit back is long overdue.

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