Kate Hackett’s Mesmerise Me: celebrating International Women’s Day with a film

Mesmerize Me from Kate Hackett on Vimeo.

We are starting our celebrations for International Women’s Day (8th March) early here at TWR with this lovely little independent film by Kate Hackett.

We’ve never put a mini film up on the blog before, but Kate contacted us this week to ask very nicely if we’d be interested in featuring it. She also mentioned that the crew was mostly female, telling us “The production team had the very rare pairing of a female director with a female director of photography.  Plus we had a female composer, a female costume designer, and a key creative producer (Nora Gruber, who specializes in period films), and many women in the rest of the crew, including heavily in grip and electric. It wasn’t all women, but it was definitely a female led crew.” What better way to appreciate International women’s day than with a film such as this?

Kate’s written a small feature on how she made it here. I love the fact that she’s ninth generation Californian and has based the story on an old family diary entry. It’s like Downton Abbey in reverse (and a bit older) and it’s already won a number of awards.

The film is charming, and 24 minutes long, so can we suggest you make yourselves a nice cup of tea, or if you are reading after 6.00pm perhaps a glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy the work of this talented female director and her mostly female crew as a way to start the prelude to a week of celebrating women. TWR popcorn anyone?

Written and Directed by Kate Hackett
Starring Natalie Smyka, Cameron Cash
Cinematography by Cat Deakins
Original Score by Nora Kroll-Rose


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