More tips for married bliss: from Kenny and Selma married for 72 years

Sent to the founder of the hilarious Awkward Family Photos blog on his wedding day, by his grandparents Kenny and Selma, who couldn’t make the long trip accross country to attend.

Watch it right to the end – totes hilaire!


  • mary says:

    Thanks ladies,that was very funny! Strangley they reminded me of The Muppets!

  • Sarah says:

    How adorable are they?!!

  • Damien says:

    A wedding is always important .. However, lovers always forget about the torment that they went through before they met their love .. Yes, I myself have not yet met the ideal person .. Maybe that’s why I focus on the fact that it is important to choose slowly – Just keep this in mind when you are asked to go on a date.

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