Gardening Magazines, Dig Delve, Burberry and Henry Moore

Gardening Magazine round-up

January and February are the ‘months of hope’ for gardeners, we spend all our time reading seed catalogues, bookmarked web pages on fancy new perennials and imagining that THIS YEAR will be the one where not one of our carefully nurtured seedlings gets eaten by slugs.

We also peruse gardening magazines, which brings me to three gloriously stylish ones that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while. For Christmas, eldestson’s girlfriend bought me a copy of The Plant, an inspiring mash-up of gorgeous images, lovely writing and a modern outlook on gardens. Issue ten, just out, has Dan Pearson, Nick Knight and Jurgen Teller contributing, which is about all you need to know. Then, super talented photographer Will Bunce, who is working with us on We Wear Perfume recommended Rakesprogress, a newish magazine (I’ve just bought issue 3) that is also stuffed full of beautiful imagery and helpful botanical stuff. It introduced me to the potter Cecile Daladier and now I HAVE to have one of her beautiful flower vases.

Then there’s Gather, a journal about food rather than gardening, but which seems to feature lots of foraged-style recipes and makes me want to hurry along and plant my vegetables. It’s not a new title, so apols for being slow to the party, but I’ve enjoyed adding it to my cold weather reading pile and who could resist a recipe called Cheese Fondue with Vegetable Orgy?

All three are the type of magazine you’ll want to order back copies of to see what you’ve missed.

Dig Delve by Dan Pearson

And then through The Plant I learned that one of my favourite gardeners, Dan Pearson, has launched his own gardening website, Dig Delve, with his partner Huw, which is full of wonderful images, helpful gardening hints, big plans and lovely, lovely recipes, the pumpkin ketchup is excellent. It is a joy, even if you don’t really garden.

Burberry and Henry Moore at Makers House

And because we don’t want you to miss out on anything here at TWR, we’re giving you the heads up on another exciting collab from Burberry at Makers House. Do you remember last fashion week we reported how wonderful the Burberry’s Makers House  pop up collaboration with The New Craftsmen Gallery was? But also how frustrating it was that we didn’t know about it until the last day? Well it’s all happening again, during Fashion Week, same location but with Henry Moore and his sculptures and drawings as the back drop to the new collection. I can not wait and if it’s anything like as good as the last event, I urge you to plan a visit. Makers House will be open February 21st -27th, check website for further details and remember, it will be busy.

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