Post Poo Drops by Aesop

These little drops are a stroke of genius by the team at Aesop, particularly if you have a house where there are 4 men regularly smelling the place up, as I do. The Aesop website delicately describes this product as an ‘aromatic botanical bathroom deodoriser to combat the malodorous’. Marvellously put.

I spotted these in The Guardian at the weekend and realised they were destined for this household. I have duly ordered a bulk supply. You can too, from here

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  • Anna says:

    Not the most enticing name for a scented product! Am sure it will be much nicer than the traditional struck match – enjoy. xx

  • mary says:

    And you can train men to use this?

  • mary says:

    Whoops, sorry … don’t know what happened there. Well, I certainly made my point!

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