Grunwerg drinks servers

We spotted these water servers when we went for our beauty treatments at the spa at One Aldwych (Jane and I won a prize draw at a Handpicked Media event, we never win anything so we were very excited) on a very hot day. You fill the central container with fresh mint, cucumber, lemons or oranges, whatever you fancy flavouring your water with, which you can top up from the tap all day long. You can add ice to the central tube too. If the weather gets hot again (it’s gone a bit chillier as I write this) then I’d seriously recommend you think about buying one of these jugs. I’ve been using mine with fresh mint from the garden and it’s delicious. They are from Grunwerg, are reasonably priced at about £16 and I got mine from Amazon but they are available from local kitchen shops too ( I wish I’d bought the white ones instead of chrome now….)


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