Seahorses by Tatty Devine

We were given one of these seahorse necklaces in our goody bag from the Advanced Style book launch – aren’t they fab? I have long been a fan of Tatty Devine and their eccentric, fun take on jewellery and accessories.

But beware teenage girls love it too!


  • Deb says:

    “are’nt they fab” Yes, they’re fab. What isn’t fab is the poor spelling, grammar & and usage on this website. PLEASE get a decent copy editor to look things over. It undermines your credibility. I find myself coming here with increasing trepidation and that’s a shame as there’s good stuff here.

  • Jane says:

    Apologies for this Deb, but as Amanda and I write the blog every day and also have other (paid) jobs and families, sometimes things slip through the net. The only way we could afford a sub editor is if we charged to access the blog or carried lots of horrible advertising. As we don’t do either, occasionally when we are writing things at 6am before going to work (like I am now) the occasional apostrophe gets mis-used!

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