Suffering for beautiful skin: the Philips ReAura again

You may remember I tried the new Philips ReAura laser recently, and wrote about it here. A funny thing happened after I finished, despite me writing about how much it hurt and how I didn’t think I looked that different, my nearest and dearest all wanted to know what I was doing with the machine now I’d finished the treatment (Philips didn’t want it back). There was a LOT of interest, I think my skin must have looked better than I thought, even the staunchly anti-beauty-crap ones expressed interest.

Philips asked my sister, Sandy Lewis if she’d try it out too and would I blog about what she thought of it (this is a sponsored post, it’s paying for our new newsletter, more on this soon) and track how she got on. She’s half way through the 12 week treatment, here’s what she thinks so far…

TWR OK, so you’re pretty woossy when it comes to pain and you know how much this hurt me, so why are you doing this?

SL Because I saw the results on your face and they were fabulous. I am struggling with the pain factor, but I’m still at it. Says it all really.

TWR We both think cosmetic surgery is the work of the devil, but how much pain do you think you would endure for fab skin?

SL The results are going to have to be absolutely brilliant for me to do it again. In ten years ( I’m 48) I may have a different answer.

TWR OK well we’ll come back to how you feel about that at the end of the 12 weeks. You are on week five, have you noticed any difference yet? Has anyone else noticed?

SL I’ve just started to see a change, my skin looks better, which is enormously exciting and great timing as it certainly give me encouragement to persevere.

TWR When do you do your lasering? Do you let anyone in your family see you do it?

SL It’s got to be in the evening as I go literally red as a tomato. People would stare.

It used to be just me and the cat, but now you will find me in front of the TV watching Episodes with my husband and teenage sons with no qualms. They do shoot me the odd look now and then. Although probably no more than usual.

TWR What will you say when people admire your skin (if they do) will you lie and say you are just feeling good right now?

SL I wish I could. I certainly plan to say that, but the truth is I’ll blab all about it.

TWR  What’s more important being thin or having youthful skin? If a fairy godmother appeared and said you could chose between loosing a stone or having amazingly lovely skin, which would you chose?

SL Duh! Thin!

TWR As feminists, how do we justify spending massive amounts of money of caring about our skin?

SL Don’t tell a soul.

TWR What tips would you give Philips on improving the ReAura?

SL Give some pre-anesthetiser cream. Also an indicator on how long the timer has to ping.

We’ll be back to see how Sandy looks and feels after week 12, meanwhile if you are interested in the ReAura, details can be found exclusively at Space NK and online here.


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