The Canine Games: the UK’s hippest dog show

Picture from the Telegraph

Last Saturday big A and I took a trip down to the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club to check out the Canine Games, a dog show which promised to be more like Lattitide than Crufts.

Most Scottish!

Organised as a fund raising event to support dog specific charities, the competition classes included, Best Eastender, Prized Punk Pooch, Pets Factor Stars In Their Eyes, Who’s Bad Micheal Jackson Look Alike and Most Patriotic!

There were some fabulous outifts which had clearly required some deft pattern cutting skills (have you ever tried to put clothes on a dog?!) and original thinking. There were also some very confused old men on Bethnal Green Road that day (WTH I just saw a dog in a wig!)

Just love that monocle!

Stalls in the club included Hot Breath Karoke (I didn’t actually hear any dogs singing – but that may have come later), Pawditch House members club, How to knit your own dog and Cake Doggy Dog – cakes that looks like your dog anyone?

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club turned out to be the perfect indoor venue

There were also acts later in the day, which we didn’t stay around for, but they included the Fabulous Russella (who I have seen before – a drag queen who juggles with fruit and knives chops it up in the air – I can’t imagine what she did here!) and a doggie disco dance off!

Dino dog – imagine how much work went into that costume!

Packed full of hipsters and their hounds, a last minute venue change because of bad weather warnings, meant lots of people pulled out/got lost or didn’t want to get wet, but it still turned out to be a fun day out.

Gotta love a dog in a wig

Muggly – recently voted the worlds ugliest dog!


  • It looks fabulous. Not sure which I like best, the dog in a wig or Dino dog. How do you get a dog to keep a wig on? GG

  • Jane says:

    Weirdly when I made my dog wear a wig (like you do!) for the Jubilee, he hardly noticed it was there, keeping it straight was another matter!!

  • Johanna says:

    I really, really cannot understand this urge to make dogs look ridiculous. I think it’s a shame. Why not let them be what they are?

  • Jane says:

    know what you mean Johanna, but they did all appear to be having fun tbh and no huge pressure like there is in serious dog shows!

  • Johanna says:

    I’m sure you’re not an animal torturer, Jane. ;-) But still, I can’t help myself, I hate this dressing up of animals. I’m glad to hear the dogs had fun, though.

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