This month I have mostly been instagraming….

We hope you are following us on Instagram (we’re The Women’s Room) we’re loving it’s uplifting visual photo-flow of images, admittedly there’s a lot of pictures of dogs and cakes, but really that’s what makes us smile. You might like to check out the Instagram blog too, we’ve not been on it yet, but we’re ever hopeful.

These last weeks we instagramed from many of the interesting places we’ve been to with TWR, including an art tour that took in Grayson Perry’s amazing tapestries at the Victoria Miro Gallery near Kings Cross, Diane Arbus’s atmospheric and often spooky black and white photos at Timothy Taylor’s Carlos Place Gallery and the small but perfectly formed Jacob Hashimoto exhibition at the Ronchini Gallery in Dering Street. We nearly spent $8,000,000 on an Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat Olympic Ring picture, but thought better of it (the Gagosian in Davies Street, if you have spare cash)

Then there was Shrimpy’s for crab burgers, cocktails and decoratively adorned walls and iced tea with Martha Stewart and Staples. And poor old M&S, not a good week for the vintage lady of British retailing but we were quite impressed with the new beauty hall in Marble Arch and its Christmas food looked mighty good at the Christmas press day, particularly the cakes and yes we know you can’t get polar bears and penguins at the same pole, thanks to all our keen-eyes Twitter and Instagram followers for pointing that out, we passed your comments on to the food buyer. I wont repeat what she said.

The Bah Humbug cake comes from Tesco for Christmas. I’ll be ordering one for middleagedad.

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