Scandi love: Samiju

It’s not easy to create a range of affordable simple clothes that are stylish and aspirational, but Finnish brand Samiju have totally nailed it.

Doesn’t their video for Autumn/Winter make you want to try out that effortless Scandi style?

Excellent quality, clever cutting, simple styling, minimal detail and great shapes combine to make this label my new favourite “thing”. They are not cheap, but sometimes it’s worth paying that it more for something unique.

The boxy “Alvar” coat is on my Autumn Winter wish list.

The Alvar coat

Be warned – their webshop is not that great (note to brands: make sure garments are in proportion to one another on a web page!) and you really need to see the actual garments to appreciate them. So I recommend a visit to good old Stokey, to my favourite local shop Hub, who recently started stocking them in store and online.


  • mary says:

    I really love their clever “girl on the bike “ad but think the clothes look pretty ordinary.

  • Jane says:

    Yes Mary, thats why you have to see them really. Lovely shapes and simple styling so quite hard to see online.

  • Rosemary says:

    Gorgeous! I want to live in Finland and have a bike and be able to do clever things on it. And the clothes look wonderfully easy and stylish too – I really like the way the Scandinavians do design.

  • Monix says:

    Sigh… divine…just adore this clean, simple look
    Do you think one has to be tall and v. slim to carry these styles off? Will 1 out of the 2 do then?

  • Jane says:

    No I dont think you have to be particularly tall or slim Monix – I certainly am not and I would wear nearly all of it as the shapes are quite boxy.
    Scandi’s rock Jx

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