Buy this: Lyn Harris for Marks & Spencer

Lyn Harris at work for M&S

Heads up people, we have some useful information for those of you thinking about Christmas presents (you know who you are…). Recently, we were hob-nobbing with some well connected ladies at M&S, who mentioned that Lyn Harris, founder of the Miller Harris perfume company, had produced a perfume collaboration with M&S beauty and it was something pretty special. So much so that they were all planning to buy.

Now, when you hear cynical, experienced buyers with years of retail behind them getting really excited about something from their own company, you pay attention. As it happens, we had spotted the Lyn Harris perfume and gift set selection at the Christmas press day and had ear marked it as a perfect Christmas present for the men in the family, there are three smells for men and all are fabulous. We haven’t smelled the three women’s fragrances, but if they are anything like the men’s, we’re betting they are good.

Long term readers of the blog may remember we met Jane Birkin at a Miller Harris store during a Fashion Night Out so we have a soft spot for the brand.

Lyn Harris uses lots of naturals in her Miller Harris formulations and she’s keeping it natural for M&S too. Our ‘ladies in the know’ were going to buy swiftly because they expected some of the items to sell out fast. The range went on sale yesterday. You have been told,

Also there’s an interesting interview with Lyn Harris on M&S Stories here



  • Sue says:

    Sadly, there wasn’t any MH in the local M&S when I looked today and I think I’d be nervous of buying without sniffing first.Have you actually smelled them, Amanda? She does do lovely perfume though – especially like Fleurs de sel. And have you seen all the fab beauty stuff in M&S now? Xsue

  • Amanda says:

    Sue I have smelled the three men’s scents, all were really lovely and I’d have no problems picking any of them for my men friends as presents. The women’s scents I have not experienced, but I would imagine they would be good. Know what you mean though about buying without smelling. M&S beauty is one of the best things they’ve done for AGES…we should post about it shouldn’t we? Will wok on it A

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