Style Icon: Mary Berry

Mary in her younger days

Remember back in 2010 we told you how much we loved the Great British Bake Off (we like to think we are ahead of the curve here at TWR)? Since then it has gone from strength to strength and become compulsive viewing for everyone from 8 to 80.

My teens love it – “I never knew baking could be so tense” – my 8 year old neice texts me to discuss it and my 80 something parents are huge fans. Wednesday mornings conversations in the office are all about the bake off and we have even started bringing baked goods to important meetings!

It brings together everything we love about being British, a stiff upper lip, a healthy competitive spirit – but in a polite, nice way, eccentrics, a silver fox, a domestic science teacher (not really but you know what I mean), humour and cake – what’s not to love?

Mary does polka dots

We particularly love Mary Berry and in these days of older women being under represented in the media, she is an icon for many reasons.

77 year old Mary learnt how to bake from her mother – who was worried she would never get a job – and over the years has established herself as a leading cookery writer and broadcaster. She has published 70 cookery books and has gained a reputation for providing practical family friendly recipes. It’s worth listening to her life story on Desert Island Discs if you haven’t already, as she’s an inspiration in many ways.

She is knowledgable and nice, which for us is a great combination and we are loving the way her style has evolved as the series has progressed.

Mary loves a scarf

Pastel pink is almost certainly her favourite colour

Mary has a distinct style and knows what suits her colouring and figure. She favours simple sweaters with a necklace or scarf to add interest and is particularly fond of shades of blue and pink. She also loves pastels and knows how to rock a pastel pink cashmere sweater and scarf combo.

Loving that bright pink

This series Mary’s style has moved onto a whole new level as she experiments with pattern and colour. I loved her bright pink Equipment style shirt on Tuesday and Twitter was awash with complimentary Tweets about her Acid print bomber jacket from Zara last week, which apparently sold out days after she wore it.

We look forward to seeing what she wears for the next four weeks, but we’re not quite sure what we are going to do when it ends……….

That Zara jacket

Note to GGBO people – here’s an idea – The Great British Cook Off – same formula but with British classics like roast beef and all the trimmings, sausage and mash, crumble, bread and butter pudding etc etc – lets get Britain cooking.

Just a thought!


  • Anna Wilkins says:

    I love that she’s wearing the Whistles Wisteria print jacket in the press photos!

  • Jane says:

    Oh I missed tha Anna, how fab, going to tell Whistles about that one (or do you work for them?) Jx

  • Johanna says:

    The only (very small) thing I don’t like about Mary Berry is that she has such long nails. I hate long nails anyway, but combined with food they really put me off. Other than that she’s great.

  • Anna Wilkins says:

    I don’t work for Whistles but I’m a bit of a fan and I loved that print in the summer. I will also be wearing Whistles at 77 (in 42 years time). Also didn’t mean to post twice!

  • sarah says:

    The Great British Cook Off is a fantastic idea and Mary Berry is a goddess.

  • Isn’t it great that Mary Berry wearing something can cause it to sellout. That’s Style Icon power. GG

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