Iris Does Dazed

I know we’re in danger of turning into the Iris Apfel fan club here on TWR, but for those of you who don’t buy Dazed & Confused, here’s Iris in her recent spread for the magazine, wearing the Autumn Winter 12 Comme Des Garcons collection.

People keep harping on about how Iris is MODELLING (shock horror!) at 91, but we think the amount of years she has lived is totally irrelevant. The fact is Iris loves clothes, always has, always will. Personally I reckon she looks a whole lot more comfortable in her Comme des Garcons than a lot of younger people I know who wear it.

The photography here is by Jeff Bark, Styling by Robbie Spencer and hair and head pieces by Duffy. All glasses, jewels, shoes, tights and tops are Iris’s own. Personally we can’t wait for Iris’s sunnies and reading glasses collection she’s designing with US eyewear giant Eyebobs- it launches in spring 2013. It will mean a trip to the US, but whatever….there are just three teaser style available here if you can’t wait.

Our fav quote from the article by Iris;

“Just because you get to a certain number doesn’t mean you have to roll up in a ball and wait for the grim reaper. We were put on this Earth to do something! If you stop using your brain at any age it’s going to stop working”.

“I think to follow something slavishly is just nuts.It’s OK to take risks. The fashion police aren’t going to come and get you and put you in jail. All you can do is make a mistake and what’s so bad about that?’

Go put on something risky today and think of Iris.

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