Hot Flush Help: Coldfront Menopausal Cool Packs

Menopausal hot flush klaxon!

We have written previously on our issues with menopausal hot flushes, well It’s possible we might have found some cooling relief for some of you. The Coldfront Menopause cool pack arrived recently from Woods of Morcombe to trial and even after just a day’s use I could see it had potential for lots of us.

The pack is no bigger than a make up case and is nicely designed (plain black with a discreet logo) so I’d feel happy with it in my handbag. The pack holds two small chilled tear drop shaped pouches that look a bit like smaller versions of those chicken fillet breast enhancers that were fashionable before push up bras got so well engineered.

When you feel a bit hot, you remove one of the chilled pouches from the pack (which is kept cold by a frozen icepack  inside) and place it in your palm and apply to the bit of you that’s hot. Very discreet, really helpful and because the pack will keep both pouches cold all day, would be perfect to take to work or out for a night out. The whole pouch goes into the freezer overnight to chill down for the next day.

I mailed inventor Susie Hadas, who told me “We suggest placing the palm packs in the palm of your hand as it kickstarts the cooling process, and then applying them wherever you are hottest. We encourage experimentation because every woman is different. Face, neck, wrists, inside your bra, behind your knees… you name it, coldfront can go there!” (we’ll stop there thanks Susie…..)

These are good, people. If you are really troubled by hot flushes they could help, particularly at work where it can be a real nuisance to be ripping clothes on and off during meetings or thrusting your head out of the window to stop the rivers of sweat. There is no cure for hot flushes, and I’m not wild about taking pills, however ‘natural’ so this seems a good alternative, the only problem I can see is remembering to put them in and take them out of the freezer.

But that’s OK, because age has really sharpened my brain nicely. ‘falls about the floor laughing’ .

The pack of two is £49.95 from here and more information on how to use it, if you are seriously interested in buying is here



  • Mrs D says:

    Amanda I am so pleased you loved the product – I love the whole concept as it’s natural and you can apply as and when you need it – I have also heard they travel through airport security fine

  • suji says:

    I’d love it if this made a difference – I’d really like to see some research to back it up. I have generalised over-heatedness at the moment and am not looking forward to full on hot flushes – saw a piece in the daily mail yesterday saying that hypnotherapy makes a difference am sure i’d be willing to give anything a go at that stage !

  • Estie Frisch says:

    How do you go about ordering this?

  • Julie Acton says:

    How do you buy one? They are not available to buy from this advertisement. These are not easy at all to find to buy, much advertising but no retail to access which is very disappointing. It say’s…..”The pack of two is £49.95 from here and more information on how to use it, if you are seriously interested in buying is here”…. So how do we buy?????

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