Mother’s Day Inspiration: Jo Malone London’s Herb Garden Collection

If you are looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day, either to drop hints for yourself or for your own mum, then the new Herb Garden Cologne Collection is worth considering. Personally, the collection had me at the fantastic imagery, using an older model (heavily inspired by Ursula Buchan’s Garden People, which we wrote about waaaay back here) pottering about in her garden. Albeit one rather larger than your average plot.

There are five fragrances in the collection, they are all light (they don’t hang about long), fresh, green and relatively to easy-wear. They are a bit like the ‘good white shirt’ of the fragrance world, reliable, smart and good with most things. And herbs! Who can resist a herby sounding scent? I’m most keen on the Carrot Blossom & Fennel which smells like sliced fresh fennel and creamy crushed carrot tops, and the citrus fresh Sorrel & Lemon Thyme, where the herby dry down is like a gentle brush against a thyme bush. I’m less keen on the WIld Strawberry & Parsley, but only because of its sweet overtones, I’m sure it’ll appeal to a younger gardener…

Whichever you choose, and they are all pretty safe bets, the bottle illustration -with each perfume’s botanical herb sketch layered on in green monotone, is bound to charm as the sun shines through it on the dressing table (although best not let that happen too often as the bright sunlight wont help the perfume). Prices start from £44.00 here

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