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Can I start with a heartfelt  ‘thank you’ to all our brilliant readers who have left such supportive comments on yesterday’s post about our current predicament. It’s is heartening to have such intelligent comment, we are very cheered by it.

On a more exciting note, we are just about to launch our newsletter…good timing I reckon!

We know there are lots of readers who pop in only occasionally to the blog and do a ‘bulk read’ and then forget about us for a bit…well now we can come to your email inbox if that’s easier,  with our top blog posts from the month and special ‘extra’ recommendations and that we’ve seen and not had time to write about…

This might also suit potential readers who would love our content, but never go on blogs…do you know anyone like that? Who might like to read us but don’t really get what a blog is? If so, get them to sign up to the newsletter and we’ll go to their email inbox instead! Spread the word people!

Sign up by leaving your email in the box – top right of the blog, yep, that one up there- and we will be getting the first one out before Christmas.

There are even real photos of us on can you resist!


  • gillian taylor says:

    Looking forward to the Newsletter even though I do tune in every day and usually spend my dog walk discussing the post of the morning with my fellow walkers! Always a joy! Hopefully that other lot will behave with good grace and change their name – that would be the right thing to do. Have a good weekend!

  • Jane says:

    Gillian – I LOVE that you chat to the other dog walkers about the days post. Thanks for reading J x

  • gillian taylor says:

    Having now read the comments from yesterday I just needed to say that I think that the whole point of the issue is that you have been using that name for four years now and it is totally irrespective what your content is compared to the Other One – you were there first! I would also like to point out that we are all different, are of different ages and points in our lives and enjoy reading and following different kind of blogs, articles and the like. How narrow minded to deride one that is of a different style to theirs and in such a disagreeable fashion. You can be a feminist and buy candles too!!

  • Bev Stellas says:

    You are my “go to” blog every single day………….most days I share on Facebook because you have such a lot of good things to say………..great idea to have a newsletter though……..yours is the only Women’s Room for me!

  • Jane says:

    And wear lipstick, bake cakes and like being a stay at home mum – the rules have changes havent they surely the whole point of being a feminist is being whoever you want to be.

    Thanks Gillian and Bev


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  • celia smith says:

    I have missed receiving Women’s Room so much. I have signed up for your news letter and I don’t receive that either. I enjoy reading all the various articles, there is nothing on the Internet quite as good and interesting as Women’s Room .Please can you explain why I know longer receive anything from you.

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