Perfume review: new smells from Grossmith

Good to see the Grossmith perfume house (we wrote about it here) doing so well since its relaunch. Co-re-founders Amanda and Simon Brookes have worked their socks off to bring the historic perfume brand into current times and now have 86 stockists in 26 countries. Last week it launched four new contemporary perfumes, The Black Label collection, which consists of Floral Veil and Amelia, two lovely florals, Golden Chypre, a very lasting chypre and Saffron Rose, the one with oud (every perfume house is launching a ‘perfume featuring oud’ currently).

Saffron Rose is definitely my favourite, it’s richly spicy with tobacco and saffron, with honey and rose overtones and is similar to the Jo Malone Velvet & Rose Oud, which I also adore.

Grossmith has worked really hard to get as much as possible of its product- packaging, bottles, even the juice in a couple of the perfumes- deliberately made in the UK . It’s refreshing to see. The company works with French perfume house Roberté to construct the smells, but aims to establish the brand as a UK perfume house.

Rather excitingly the Phul-Nana perfume has featured in the TV series Downtown -‘Episode seven, seven minutes and 20 secs in, when Lady Edith brings Lady Violet her shopping’ Amanda told me, she also got to see round the Downtown set as a treat. Grossmith gave the set designers examples of the packaging from the House’s archives to ensure authenticity and Amanda sent Maggie Smith a bottle of perfume for her own use.

Definitely worth smelling if you are close to a stockist, check the website for details

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