Marks & Spencer’s new Flatter-Me arm wear

You may remember we wrote about Mary Portas’s excellent idea Armery back here. Well, not surprisingly we’re seeing similar product popping up elsewhere, including this new Flatter-Me arm wear top from M&S.

Our issue with Armery was the problem with underarms. Armery supports and covers the arms brilliantly (we love the colours and fabrics used) but your arm pit is still visible, so it didn’t really work if you wanted to put them under sleevelss dresses. The new M&S version does this pretty well, it is a more structured product, it fits over your bra but under your sleeveless tops and offers a really effective way of wearing sleeveless items if you struggle with how your upper arms look.

We spoke to M&S’s head of design and product direction Soozie Jenkinson last week, who told us that although the top is only available in (very wearable) black lace currently, if it sells well it will come in more colours. I’ve worn it and it’s great, very comfortable, with a 3/4 sleeve rather than the lovely long ones from Armery, but certainly hides your underarms nicely. Flatter-Me lace armwear available here for £22.50.


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