A Tale Of Two Gadgets at Philips

As Christmas approaches and you start to get ideas about what you might like from Santa, some of you might be thinking about asking for some of the new laser light gadgets turning up everywhere (beauty is heavily into gadgets currently, in an attempt to bring the spa to the home). Well, we’ve been trialling a couple from Philips, with mixed results, here’s a little tale of two of them.

The Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvinator £800

While we love our wrinkles and think cosmetic surgery something to be avoided, we do like our skin to look radiant and healthy, something the Philips ReAura promises to do.You may remember we’ve been getting our reader Sandy to test the ReAura machine, here’s her first report. As well as being quite expensive, the process was not going so well with our tester as it was quite painful and she was beginning to flounder half way through the 12 week procedure. We caught up with her this week to find out if she finished test period.

TWR SO, the ReAura, have you finished the 12 week programme or was the pain too much?

S Sadly the pain was too much. It wasn’t horrendous, but enough to make me keep putting it off until another day. Being tired didn’t help. Having to do it at night was limiting. Somedays I would have persevered if I could have zapped it in the morning when I was feeling fresh and more able to cope with the discomfort, but as it  made my skin really red I couldn’t have gone out for the whole day.

TWR What would you say to other people thinking of asking for this for Christmas?

S That it’s a great product, it certainly makes your complexion look good, but give serious thought to how much you need to overhaul your face at this stage in your life. If you’re just starting to see the signs of ageing and you aren’t really desperate to look better, then you might want to re think the purchase. It’s not for the faint hearted.
If on the other hand you gasp with shock every time you see your reflection, then go for it! I’m very pleased I’ve got mine in the back of my cupboard. And interestingly I’ve refused to part with it when nudged to see if I’ll lend/give it out.

TWR Did you notice much of a difference in your skin on the shorter time you did the lasering for?

S I most certainly did see a change in my skin. It looked more fresh and plumped. I felt I looked better. It gave me confidence.

TWR What was your overall impression?

S It’s a fabulous product. Just not one I’d use right now.

So, ‘proceed with caution if you aren’t keen on the pain angle’ is our final comment on this.
This bit of the post was sponsored by Philips, The ReAura can be bought at Space NK here

And now something I’ve been trialling…
The Lumea Precision Plus hair removal laser (£400)
Philips gave me one of these machines to trial and first up, you can’t use this if you have white blond hair, grey hair, red hair really dark hair or very dark skin, due to the way the laser works, which is a shame as this is the best gadget I’ve used in ages.
With just a couple of completely pain free session I have removed all the hair from my underams, it’s like magic. I also used the laser on my chin and upper lip area and have no more of those irritating odd bristly hairs you start to get around 45-ish. It’s easy, pain free and quick. You can use it on your face, bikini area, legs, anywhere, and once you are in the routine, you can keep hair away pretty much forever I guess.
To me, although it’s stonkingly expensive, if you get your legs waxed at a salon, you’ll probably find this value for money. If you’re troubled by facial hair which you wax or bleach, it could be the best thing ever.
Not cheap, but nicely designed and effective. You can buy it here
Would you spend this type of money (if you had it) on beauty gadgets?


  • Anna says:

    I don’t think if I had the money I really could justify such large sums on gadgets like these – as sure as eggs is eggs they would end up tangled up in a drawer somewhere after a while, rarely to be touched by human hand. They both seem too time consuming and I struggle to see how anyone could use a hair removing gadget that can’t be used on most colours of hair. Sorry ladies, more of a rant form me than normal – must have got out of wrong side of bed. xx

  • amanda says:

    Actually Anna we love a rant, so always feel free to rant in our space! I definitely agree with you on the ‘use once and never again’ theory with gadgets, certainly if my over stuffed kitchen gadget cupboard is anything to go by. I think the ReAura falls into that category, but really, I’m loving the easy to use hair remover, and it’s lead-free so sits happily in my bathroom. Ax

  • MB says:

    I have a lumea. I’m blonde so it doesn’t work on my legs but, ahem, it’s great on the bikini line, no more ingrown hairs, lumps and bumps from waxing – and so simple and no trips to the salon. It’s an investment but a basic bikini wax at Bliss is about £40 so I justified it that way!!

  • tharsheblows says:

    How long does the Lumea take to use? Is it fairly quick? How long does the hair have to be in actual practice? I’d consider buying it – I like gadgets and use them (Clarisonic face and body thing, sonic toothbrushes, the new Emjoi Micro-pedi which is great). However, it wouldn’t work for me in the summer as I get too dark, I think.

    The ReAura actually sounds great but it’s a bit expensive so I’d go for other treatments first. Maybe. Definitely would be thrilled if someone got one for me.

  • Amanda says:

    The Lumea is extremely quick to use tharsheblows, and you need to shave before you use it, so the laser light travels down the hair to the hair shaft, there’s lots of detail on the Philips website, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you someone picks up on your hint about the ReAura! A

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