Best Christmas Crackers

It seems even crackers have trends these days and gone are the days when you can simply pop into M & S and pick up a box without thinking – well you still can obvs, but that wouldn’t be much fun. If candles are all about jam jars this Christmas, then crackers are all about plain paper – all the most stylish tables will be featuring plain paper crackers in co-ordinated colours (obvs) with simple tasteful gifts.

As I lover of bright colours I am drawn to the fluorescent, recycled sets from Not on the High Street and Scarlet and Jones, but beware, unless you have a particularly eco friendly family, the brown paper hat and eco motto from Scarlet and Jones could have the older members of your family chuntering “what the B….y Hell, she’s gone too far this time.”

My favourites are the make your own deluxe crackers from Tatty Devine, but again they would only work if you are having stylish friends or teenage girls round for Christmas day. The pliers, chains and instructions to make perspex shapes into necklaces, may not go down well with your Uncle. Sid!

At £75 this would only wind you up, so perhaps stick to the more traditional set from Cox & Cox, with cooking inspired gifts, or the Toast  hand tied crackers, containing coloured pencils, glycerine soap, jasmine flower tea bomb, mini glass tree decoration, sparklers and a sugar mouse.

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