Christmas candle inspiration

It’s never too early to start thinking about table decorations (remember this does not make us shallow or ridiculous) and as Amanda pointed out earlier in the week, making things is actually good for our health.

This simple idea from The Forgestyle Blog would suit any occasion, as well as Christmas, so if it feels a little bit early, you could test it out using white paint and move onto something more festive when we get to the 1st of Dec – when we are allowed to seriously think about Christmas.

I love the fact that the two images sum up the extent of the work involved. Simply wrap some reasonably thick, preferably tweedy or hairy yarn round some jam jars and cover in spray paint –  I’m going to try some bright colours and move onto silver for Christmas – give them a couple of coats and when they’re completely dry, remove the yarn, stick in some tea some tea lights and Bob’s your uncle, or in my case my dad!

This season its all about the jam jar, so it’s worth hanging onto all those jars that you usually re-cycle, as sticking some tea lights in a variety of sizes looks just as effective as more complicated ideas. You can also buy a selection from Lakeland.

Some ideas from Pinterest

Remember it’s supposed to be fun – so the simpler the better – no-one wants to be weeping over a glue gun and mounds of holly and ivy, on Christmas Eve now do they!



  • Monix says:

    Oh damnit! Wasn’t going to do anything crafty for the season…now where’s that spray paint, the scissors were just HERE and do you really think the bay tree looks shorn?
    Thanks girls!

  • Gillian Taylor says:


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