Christmas parties: is it worth it?

This has to be my favourite Christmas advert yet –  in these days of social networking, the day after shame is magnified beyond anything we could have imagined in our younger days.

When it comes to nights out, especially at Christmas I am something of a schizophrenic. The old lady in me can’t actually be bothered and would quite happily give it all a miss, in favour of a night in front of the fire, with a glass of red and the Christmas 24 channel. Whereas my inner young person loves the idea of getting changed in the toilets at work, drinking cheap plonk at my desk at 5pm and giving it loads on the dance floor till 3am.

In my head I’m one of the girls, but in reality after two glasses of wine and a few sneaky fags, I’m someone’s nan, pulling on my coat saying “I think I’ve had enough now, I’m going to get home and get cosy”.

Very occasionally my inner 24 year old takes over and encourages me to go for it and sod the consequences.  I turn into the oldest swinger in town, who loves nothing more than a couple of Jager Bombs in a seedy underground club and a kebab on the way home – that is, until the next day, when age deals a very bitter blow. My inner 24 year old is long gone and I wake up with the fear, feeling like a little old lady, who needs to go to bed for a year!

Three day hangover anyone!


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