New store love: Bloom Perfumery in Spitalfields

We have a new perfume-store-favourite, the seriously interesting Bloom Perfumery in Spitalfields, owned by Oxana Polyakova.

What I loved about the store was the curated selection of really beautiful smells from interesting and below the radar niche, artisan and specialist luxury perfume houses, such as Grossmith, Nasomatto, Jovoy, Huitieme Art Perfume and Magnetic Scent. There is just enough assortment to be interesting but not so much as to overwhelm. Secondly the service was exemplary, we got Rosa when we visited and she really knew her stuff and her suggestions -once she’d found out a bit about what we liked/wore currently -were spot on. She explained the concept behind the selection was that they were ‘perfumes with an author’ .

The store is the brain child of Oxana, who was a city girl before she became a perfume fan and when we caught up with her she explained she wanted to stock brands that the big department stores either overlooked or thought were too small to be interesting. We asked her which ones we should all try first?

“Before offering anything to try we speak to customers,” she explained “and ask for their tastes and preferences as actually the number of perfumes anyone can try and appreciate is limited. But. a few suggestions…For rose lovers, try Grossmith’s florals, for very linear funky fruity and edible compositions try Huitieme Art Perfume Or we have Nasomatto’s Black Afgano and everyone, absolutely everyone falls in love with this one” (I agree, it’s a powerful little number but once sniffed, never forgotten). I personally admire Vero Kern and her .vero.profumo. range: gorgeous, somewhat retro with witty, layered compositions”.

I explained that here at TWR, we see scent appreciation as the perfect ageless treat and that grown up women often pull off the art of wearing perfume -particularly an interesting or unusual one- better than a younger, less confident lass. Oxana agrees wholeheartedly, “A mature lady without her signature perfume, how could that be possible?” she said. Absolutely.

Do visit if you have the chance and experience some of the delicious smells, we would definitely suggest that lovers of the yarn (looking at you Kay) might like Indigo by Magnetic Scents. For those of you who are unable to drop in, the The web-shop launch is imminent and should be ready before Christmas (hopefully the 18th dec,’technical issues are tricky’, Oxana sighed when we confirmed the opening date).

Here’s the website for details

We loved the hand written perfume comments on the labelling and the quirky displays.

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