Update on those Terra rainmacs

With so much rain falling in the UK and weathermen predicting more for years to come, can we justify investing in a smart rain mac? I think we can. The news of more wet weather coincidently comes just as I have learnt that the smart Terra rainmacs we wrote about here are now available in the UK, from the Feathers fashion boutique in London. although Terra will happily ship to the UK. They are investment macs (at approximately £300) but I really love the colours and shapes and admire the glamour they bring to wet weather clothing.

The summer 2013 adverting campaign images (below) are unusually exciting for the British market, which is more used to a ‘wellies and waxed jackets’ approach to wet weather garb. ‘Would it look good on a windswept Devonshire/Norfolk/Welsh/Scottish/where ever beach or running for the 209 bus in a downpour?’ is what we are more used to asking ourselves. Time for a more glamourous approach perhaps?

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