We love: Dents gloves -maker of those Mr Selfridge red leather ones

Did many of you watch the first episode Mr Selfridge on ITV this week? What did you think? As massive fans of Lindy Woodhead’s book Shopping Seduction and Mr Selfridge (Lindy reads our blog by the way, how cool is that?) we were watching from behind splayed fingers. I’m not sure episode one really got me that excited, but I loved the way it looked.

Crucial to the story line in this opening episode were a pair of red leather gloves below, which were made by Dents, one of the oldest British accessory brands -it can trace its origins back to 1777 for heaven’s sake. You can actually buy the very same pair of silk lined ones as in the show, should you wish, but personally I adore the crochet backed leather palmed driving gloves, above, at £45. My dad used to wear a pair of the men’s version when I was a teen, not for driving, just as normal gloves, and they looked so smart and interesting. I remember being intrigued by the combination of leather and knit, they have a real retro-but-in-a-good-way vibe.

You can buy them directly from Dents, or if you live in London there are a few stockists, including the uber-cool Tokyo Bike, so watch out for hipsters wearing them too, you have been warned.

dents gloves in mr selfridge

Those gloves on Mr Selfridge




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