Simple pleasures: a boiled egg and a coal fire

Simple PleasuresSometimes it’s good to have some quiet, reflective time in your life, to take stock and re-charge. This past week has seen me recovering from an operation, nothing too serious thankfully, but any procedure and stay in hospital is stressful for all concerned.

It’s not until you are your own bed/sofa and the drugs begin to wear off, that you have time to reflect on what you really love about being at home. A comfy bed and clean sheets, a squashy sofa filled with needy pets and comforting blankets, a real coal fire and relaxing scented candles, home cooked simple food and of course friends and family rallying round with love and support – what more does anyone need.

January is a hard month for many reasons, finances are tight and the weather can be harsh and while I don’t recommend a stay in hospital as a way of slowing down and appreciating the simple things that make life worth living, perhaps it’s a time to stay at home, light a fire and plan exciting things for the months ahead.

Happy January everyone x


  • Gillian Taylor says:

    There is nothing in this world I love more than being at home with a roaring log fire, candles burning and some old Miss Marple nonsense on the telly especially on a grey January day like today! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and roll on February!

  • Sherry says:

    First of all get well soon! And thank you for putting into words my ideal day at home, pets and candles and everything and it has to be dreary and cloudy outside for me to enjoy it more (I always say throw in an episode of Friends – just one though not too much telly). It’s a longing I haven’t been able to experience for a long long while and I know I shouldn’t wait for a health issue to force me to stop and enjoy not running about for just one day. If I do stay home it’s really tempting not to get up and catch up on the housework. But you painted the perfect picture. Home is a blessing. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Hilary says:

    What a lovely post. Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.

  • Helen says:

    A reminder to us all to look after ourselves – mind, body, spirit. Warmest wishes for a good recovery. Helen x (the egg shell is an interesting deep pink on my computer – & colour coordinates with the tea – v stylish)

  • Pamela says:

    So happy you are well and comfy.
    Am experiencing my own January downtime and found your delightful blog in the midst of it.
    Where have you been all my life??
    Love it here!
    Best wishes,

  • Mary says:

    Get well soon Jane but maybe not too soon….

  • Monix says:

    Sending you all good wishes for a speedy recovery ( and that you get the boiler working soon and the smell of shinged pet fur by them hogging the open fire dissipates!).

  • Sara says:

    May your convalescence be all it needs to be. I had an op last year and recovery brought me an awareness of my own needs, preferences and pleasures in a way that sometimes gets lost in the hurly-burly of every day life. I regained my health and have tried to retain the insights I gained and the guilt free sense that it’s really OK to give ourselves what we need when we can.

  • Louise says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. What a lovely cosy fireside scene…….never nice having a hospital stay, but the recuperation looks like it’s well under way!

  • Jane says:

    Thanks for the lovely comments
    J x

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