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I don’t ski, I can’t see the point of heading to the freezing cold when the same money allows you to find sun and a beach or an interesting city to discover. However I do get that lots of people love it and it does throw up a lot of issues for skin care which allow you to indulge in buying extra beauty stuff, so that’s a plus for me.

Actually you don’t have to go skiing to know the havoc very cold weather can have on your skin and lips, the UK is freezing at the moment and my skin is dry and flakey and my lips sore. The Body Shop has asked us to write about its moisturizers, and that easy for me to do as I have been a lifetime fan, one of the first Body Shops opened in Bath, my home town and I spent most of my teenage years buying up its oils and potions in the way you do at 16.

I am still addicted to  the Cocoa Butter Body Butter (I love the Olive Oil one too, which is currently on sale –excuse me while I stock up…).

There are a range of lovely smells, check out  The Body Moisturiser range at The Body Shop . There is a limited edition Ginger Sparkle Body Butter (£6.50) the Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion (£3) –  They are a good product at a good price, we trial a fair few body creams her at TWR and The Body Shop’s products stand up well and I love the no nonsense packaging.

The Body Shop’s Beautifying Oil sounds interesting too, I haven’t tried it but multipurpose oils for the body, face and hair are having something of a moment and I suspect this one is worth investigating. You add a few drops to your hair after washing to help prevent split ends and a dry scalp, apparently.

I am also a fan of the Vitamin E range and love the moisturizers and there is a revitalising eye cream out too –I’m always ignoring my eyes, does anyone else do that?  The range now has a Vitamin E SPF 15 Moisturiser Lotion (£11) and Vitamin E Lip Care SPF15 (£4) both of which look worth considering .

So where ever you are in the cold, be it a glamorous ski slope or your icily windy-swept local high street , take care of yourself and your skin, people.

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  • Louise says:

    I’ve always liked the Vitamin E range especially the eye cream……. I tend to rotate face creams but think it might be time to have a stint with this one again, now you’ve reminded me!

  • Amanda says:

    It’s a good one for sure Louise, and wont break the bank. Ax

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