Luxury hotels, with kids? Surely not!

Polurrian Bay

Polurrian Bay, Cornwall

When our kids were little, family weekend breaks involved a lot of research in order to find somewhere that offered kids activities, babysitting and listening services, kids tea and toys and games (for when you wanted an early drink), as well as nice rooms, spa treatments and the opportunity to enjoy a grown up dinner, without it costing a small fortune. Luckily times have changed and all of those things and more, are now possible.

Luxury Family Hotels offer a value for money, unstuffy, stylish approach to short family breaks. Set in beautiful surroundings, around the UK, the eight distinctive hotels  range from a fairy tale castle, to a quintessentially English manor house and are the kind of places you would want to stay even if you didn’t have children.

polurrian Bay,

Polurrian Bay, Cornwall

Now that the teens are older, a lot of our family weekends involve getting together with our extended family, meaning we have to please very small children and older kids, as well as the adults and I don’t think even my fussy, club class aspiring teens would complain about staying in any of these!

They are especially good value for mid week and term time breaks.

The Ikworth Suffolk

The Ikworth, Suffolk

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  • Marv says:

    Frankly I wouldn’t stay in any hotel, however luxurious, if it advertised itself as going after the ‘family with small child’ market. But then I am an evil, selfish woman who dislikes small children…

    And yes, I have been called both evil and selfish for not wanting to be around small children.

  • Sue says:

    We used hotels in this group quite a bit when the children were small.They are pretty expensive but it seemed a price worth paying at that point in life.I have to say, having got through that stage, I tend to agree with Marv.

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