YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

YSL rouge Volupte shine
As you know, I love a bright coloured lipstick and simply can’t understand why some people feel they can’t wear them! Doesn’t everyone feel more energised, brighter and a little bit daring wearing bright red or pink lipstick?

It seems not. But if you are one of those people who likes the idea of it, but can’t quite bring yourself to completely go for it. These new lipsticks for YSL might be the thing for you. The Rouge Volupte Shine collection comes in a range of 19 colous and includes some lovely bright shades, but the sheer transparent nature of the texture means that the colour becomes slighting diffused, with a touch of shine – which isn’t nearly so scary as a slash of colour.

Go on – ask for one for Mothers day and try colour no 19 – it’s all about pink!

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