Perfume Review: Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle


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Since I’m a die-hard Dries Van Noten girl, the news that the great man was working with Frederic Malle to create Dries’s first perfume left me giddy with olfactory excitement. I’d bought it before even smelling it, practically.

So…..i dashed into Liberty, where it’s available exclusively in the UK, for the first sniff when it was launched…..and was a bit disappointed. it’s a bakery of vanilla, sandalwood, saffron and caramel sweetness, and I’m not wild about sweet smells. It seemed to disappear fast too, after drying with a more vanilla-amber finish. I bullied the assistant at Frederic Malle into giving me a sample (they are scrooge like in giving them out, disgraceful really) so I could take it away and see if it grew on me. Why they are so mean with samples I don’t know, it’s £110 for 50mls, you aren’t going to spend that sort of money without testing it for a bit are you?

And here’s the thing, it has. And it has people asking ‘What is that?’ when i wear it. Although it seemed to have a short life initially, I find I can still smell traces of it on my skin the next day, So I find myself reversing my original opinion and I’m now warming to its comforting caramel fug. Not genius, but definitely worth trying on your next visit to Liberty. Available on line too.

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