Olay Professional Anti Wrinkle Kit

Firstly, fessing-up, this is a sponsored post. We don’t normally do sponsored posts at TWR (we’ve done one before) but where they are about a product we’re certain you’d like, then we think it’s worth it . And we have been ‘cherry picked’ by Olay as being the right target market for the product, so it’s nice to know they’re reading us and you, of course, via your comments to us.

We’ve been writing enthusiastically about anti ageing beauty creams for the last year, some of you have even tested them for us, which has been fun, but we’ve mostly written about the top end of the market. Well Olay is just about to bring out a range of wrinkle treatment creams that might be worth investigating, at a very reasonably price. Olay Professional Anti-Wrinkle kit is £44.95 for a daily moisturiser, wrinkle smoothing cream and a deep wrinkle complex, which sounds pretty good value.

We haven’t tried it, but it comes with clinical test results that claims skin will improve within 28 days, and it went down a storm in the US when it was launched there. It launches in the UK in August, but there are 300 kits available next Wednesday, from Boots. You need to be sharp-ish though as there is going to be a lot of noise made about the product, by the sound of things, so if you want to be an early adopter, get in quick.

If you do buy it and it’s good, then let us know. We are going to try and persuade Olay to give us a couple of kits for you to test, but it wont be for a while, so early bird comments would be fab.


  • Jane says:

    Yipee just back from hols – love your new site! Anti wrinkle cream required as toooooo many hols this year in sun. Why can’t I be like Joan Collins: pale and interesting?

  • Valerie Clapham says:

    I have been skydiving for the last 20yrs and I am sure my skin is the worse for wear having given it 120+ mph in all weathers, so I could really do with using some of this to repair the damage I have done to my face. Hope I qualify for a trial kit.

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