Wooden chopping boards

Wooden shopping boardsI have been searching for the perfect wooden shopping board, since my first visit to Story Deli. Their super thin pizzas are not only delicious, they are beautifully displayed on wooden boards.

Having moved a couple of times since they opened on Dray Walk, Story are now in a permanent home at 123 Bethnal Green Road.

Chopping boards copy

West Elm and Boudie & Fou

Using a chopping board instead of a serving dish makes a meal seem more casual, encourages sharing and creates all sorts of new food arranging opportunities – which is never a bad thing in my opinion!

I have at last found the perfect combination of rustic (not too rustic – we don’t want to look like hippies!) and practically, stylish boards. The set of four are £30 and from West Elm, a US company (rumoured to be opening a shop on Tottenham Court Road sometime soon) who ship to the UK. The second are £48 and are from Boudie and Fou.


  • Sue says:

    Lovely idea and they look great.So great, that I clicked through to the second set but I think you only get the one large board for your £48.The others need to be bought separately.(at £35 and £25 respectively). Really exciting how many US brands are opening here this year.

  • Jane says:

    Oh no really – that makes them expensive, thats a shame. But still looking forward to them opening here.


  • Jane says:

    And the West Elm versions are even more expensive @ 39/59/89dollars each! Such a shame as they are so nice

  • Tiffany says:

    West Elm just opened in Sydney – I haven’t made it there yet but I’m DYING to … Apparently (I’ll believe it when I see it) they are charging the same as they do in the US; most US brands charge up to triple when selling to Australia, so it would be fantastic if it is true.

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