Older models: Jenni Rhodes, looking good in Zara

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Image by Elisabete Santos Rosa, model Jenni Rhodes

Last week I was doing some work with MA fashion journalism students at the London College of Fashion and was thrilled to see that one of them, Ana Rosado, is working on a final project that’s a fashion magazine for older women. After yesterday’s post on why brands should be listening to us about older women, it’s really uplifting to see the next generation of journalists and stylists has already spotted the gap in the market. We all know we’re short of images of older women looking stylish in magazines.

I was really impressed with Ana’s first attempts, so I persuaded her to let me use this first photo shoot she did to illustrate her proposal ideas. The model is Jenni Rhodes and the clothes all come from Zara (see below for full photo credits).

ana 02

Image by Elisabete Santos Rosa, model Jenni Rhodes

Ana loved working with Jenni and told me “Jenni was amazingly cooperative and easy to shoot. With so much experience, she immediately delivered what we needed. She also made the photo shoot interesting and pleasurable by sharing life stories while we were styling her and I think it shows. Jenni also designs necklaces and other accessories” (more on Jenni here).

The clothes are all from Zara, styled with a modern day Frida Kahlo in mind as Ana wanted something ‘colourful and elegant’. I think she did really well for a proposal shoot, don’t you? I’m not sure about the paper flowers on Jenni’s face myself but I get that Ana’s experimenting with ideas at this stage.

And how fabulous that a younger generation is inspired to do something beautiful and creative with the grown up woman in mind….are you listening, all those youth obsessed magazines out there?

ana 03

Image by Elisabete Santos Rosa, model Jenni Rhodes

Image credits
Portraits of Jenni Rhodes (Close Models Agency).
Styling by Ana Rosado & Diana Agua-Mel.
MUA Candice Hutchison.
Photography Elisabete Santos Rosa


  • Janne says:

    Awesome pictures!

  • Nicola says:

    I love the idea of stylish creative young women styling mature women. Great for those of us who don’t have daughters. I particularly love the shoes – are they Zara as well?

  • Amanda says:

    I will check with Ana but yes, I think the shoes are Zara too A

  • Amanda says:

    Shoes def from Zara Nicola! Ax

  • mary says:

    Not impressed with Zara and their part (and absolute denial) in the Bangladesh sweat shop tragedy earlier this year.

  • Rachel says:

    I am glad to see a shift in fashion towards 40 plus women its about time!

  • Amanda says:

    Interesting point Mary, the whole of the fashion high street should be looking to improve its actions on production. Did you see the H&M commitment to transparency on production? It has published a list of every single factory it makes clothes in around the world, I think it’s the first global fashion company to do so as it wants to be seen to be serious about being sustainable and fair. It’s a good step, I never ever buy clothes from Primark because I just don’t see how you can make clothes that cheap without someone suffering and it’s not the people in charge of Primark!

  • mary says:

    thanks for that information Amanda.Well done H & M!

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