Indiscretion by Charles Dubow

indiscretion charles dubow

I loved/hated this book…I found I couldn’t put it down, but got quite cross with the slightly unbelievable way characters were written, loved the pace of it and the setting in The Hamptons, but found the slightly formulaic descriptions (women are ‘beautiful’ and cook brilliantly and the men are ‘handsome’ or rich) a bit frustrating.

I thought about it long after I’d finished reading it, which is the sign of interest and caring but found myself picking the story apart. It’s an elegant read and in places quite compelling, but not quite brilliant enough to rave about. However, It would make a good summer read, in some respects it would be a great book club read too as the subject matter – we poke about inside the marriage of the Perfect New York couple – would definitely start a debate.

Indiscretion by Charles Dubow 

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