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As we see ebook purchases overtake paper books (both in 2011 and 2012) there is a worry that the pile of soon-to-be-read books teetering dangerously on the bedside table will become a thing of the past. But really, this is never going to happen. Books are beautiful, covetable things and we will always find a space -however retro that feels- for our favourites.

And if you have a favourite book, chances are you would be absolutely thrilled to be given a beautifully illustrated, buckrum-bound edition of it. Well the Folio Society does just that, it takes modern and traditional classics and matches them with the best illustrators around to produce gorgeous versions to love. I’d never heard of the Folio Society until recently when they invited us to take a look around the library-like members-room bookshop it has in Eagle Street W1. It’s a treasure box of literary gems -including cookery books such as  Elizabeth David’s Christmas illustrated by Sophie MacCarthy, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy illustrated by Jonathan Burton and a really beautiful Pinocchio illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.

It’s the very best place to find a present for a book lover and if someone has a favourite book, wouldn’t it make a great present to have a cherishable copy to keep forever? I’m a mad Agatha Christie fan and I loved the Miss Marple classics, which are a joy to look at, with illustrations by Andrew Davidson. There are note books too, which have lovely illustrated covers, for the stationery geeks.

The Folio Society

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