Perfume review: Saffron from Jo Malone

saffron by jo maloneIt seems to be saffron’s turn to be ‘spice of the moment’ for fragrance, last year it was pink peppercorns. Saffron is an interesting oddball addition to the heftier Cologne Intense collection from Jo Malone, where prices are a wee bit higher to reflect the more expensive ingredients used and the denser intensity of the fragrance.

My all time favourite Jo Malone perfume is Velvet Rose Oud from this range and although I don’t think Saffron is good enough to knock it off its perch, it is an interesting, non-floral, lightly spiced cloud of luxury incense. If you were ever a patchouli-wearing hippy and feel you need to update to a more mature smell, this one could be for you. Would also work well on men.

Saffron by Jo Malone £100 for 100mls

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  • Sue says:

    I never used to wear perfume but have recently become slightly obsessed.I read a really good book by Luca Turin and have been trying a few out.I also bought L’Air de Rien after seeing your previous recommendation and I love that.I’ll try this when I’m next in JM.

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