Sennheiser Momentum On Ear headphones

sennheiser 01Round our way, it’s perfectly acceptable to see grown ups and teens wearing the most ridiculously giant headphones on their heads as they do their shopping or walk the dog. They are mostly Beats by Dr Dre. I don’t quite know when it became the norm to look like you’re the sound engineer for some hip rap artist and have just nipped out to buy more fags, but it’s a teeny bit odd to see this in Barnes (even though we used to be the home of Olympic Studios, one of the most famous recording studio in London…we’re just soooo down with our homie-dudes over here in SW13).

Instead, you might like to consider these daintier and distinctly more girl-friendly ones ones from Sennheiser, in much nicer colours. Above is the summer pastel range of shades, but they will be introducing new seasonal colours in the autumn too. The quality is excellent, and they are very comfortable, with nice soft ear pads using stain resistant fabrics. I have been trialing a pistachio pair for a week now (being a more feminine pastel shade means I haven’t lost them in the earphone Black Hole) and I much prefer them to looking like a rapper. Apparently, some clever bit of jiggery-pokery in the headset means they wont wear your phone battery down so fast either…however loud you have your Earth WInd and Fire.

They are around £170, and you can buy here 

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