Perfume Review: Vaara by Penhaligon’s

vaara 01

Another week, another perfume launch….it’s getting very crowded on the perfume shelf! This is Vaara from Penhaligon’s, a perfume inspired by the birth of the Maharajah Gaj Sing II of Jodhpur’s grand daughter, who is called Vaara. His Highness the Maharajah asked Penhaligon’s to create a bespoke perfume to celebrate her birth (a service the fragrance brand offers, if you’re rich enough) and the results were so good, the brand negotiated a full launch of the fragrance.

It’s a pretty and spicy floral, but also very fresh and not burdened with the cliched ‘oriental’ accord you might expect. Instead it has carrot seed, rosewater and coriander in the the first hit, together with this season’s hot ingredient, saffron, which all mingle with a sweet florally rose to bring you back to ‘sweet and pretty’.

Below is the Maharajah himself, who was at the launch last week and very charming. I’m a little disappointed no one in my family commissioned a fragrance on my birth, but whatever, I’ll wear this one instead. From all Penhaligon’s stores and online too.


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