We love: Playing in Diane’s closet

Last Summer my best friend, daughter and I went on a little road trip in Conneticut. We had heard Diane Von Furstenberg’s country home was somewhere near where we were staying and were fascinated to see if we could find it. I don’t know what we thought we would do if had found it. Maybe in our dreams, Diane invited us in for tea and let us rummage through her wardrobe! 

Natalie Joos, Belgian blogger, got to do just that recently, when DVF agreed to be styled and photographed as part of a project entitled ‘Playing in Diane’s Closet’.

Joos visited Diane’s house, Cloudwalk, (we didn’t find it btw and ended up getting lost!) with models Tali Lennox, Laura Love and Elisabeth Gilpin, to take a look at her archive collection, which contains both her own collections and lots of other designers. Until now, not even Diane’s granddaughter Talita, was aware of the collection’s existence.

‘I keep all my favourites and it’s pretty amazing. Every time I go down I find something else that I’d forgotten about, and they’re all very, very timeless,’ she revealed.

DVF's house

Cloudwalk – DVF’s beautiful home (images from Tales of Endearment)

The resulting film showcases DVF’s most-recent designs paired with pieces from the archive and is charming. You can read about it here.

“I think my biggest fashion moment is just about to happen now,” Diane tells Joos. “All of a sudden all of the old pieces and the new pieces are gelling. And for the first time, as crazy as it may seem, I’m embracing the whole thing.”

DVF‘I don’t have to wear vintage. I am vintage’, she says.

Oh if only we had found her house – I know we so could have been friends!!

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