Perfume review: Boadicea The Victorious – a feminist’s fragrance?

boadicea the victorious

Since we’ve been talking a lot recently about the rise of feminism #3, it’s made me think about what perfume a woman could wear to make her feel stronger, more empowered and ready to face the battle of being female today. A fragrance for a feminist, in other words. Perfume can make you feel many things, sexy, feminine, upbeat and definitely stronger. A spritz of your favourite fragrance lifts the spirits and makes you ready for anything.

Coincidentally, I was recently introduced to the wonderfully named Boadicea The Victorious, a range of beautiful niche luxury fragrances from this British fragrance house which  takes its inspiration from the warrior Queen Boadicea. This could be the ideal choice (although we’re talking reasonably well off feminists here). Both named after possibly the first ever feminist and made using British craftsmanship -including a different, hand cast pewter-coloured warrior shield on every fragrance- this seems like a good choice. Launched in 2008, the range has picked up something of a cult following and is now one of Selfridges best selling niche perfume brands.

The perfumes are bold and intense, well Boadicea was hardly going into battle wearing a dainty floral eau-de-cologne, was she? They are spicy,  classy and long lasting, each one hugs you in a fragrant equivalent of a full length velvet cape. The range is extensive and a bit bewildering when you first come across it, so I’d suggest you head for Ardent, a warm saffron-y rose that I’ve been wearing and now really adore. Or Glorious, which is warmly fruity and flowery with a more woody dry down. Samples are available to try via the website and the collection is now sold globally, check here .

A must to sniff out for perfume geeks.

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  • Souad says:

    Checked the web site to order samples before buying there was no samples place
    Could you plz help

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