TM Lewin women’s shirts

t m lewin orange shirt

When we were buying middleson’s first suit, we ended up buying his shirts from TM Lewin, as the brand did a great quality shirt in a 4 for £100 offer  and all have lasted very well. By coincidence, the brand asked us to take another look at its womenswear this season, as its been working hard at modernising and I was impressed to see the women’s shirts were just as good quality, come in an abundance of good prints and are also available as a multi buy (3 for £75).

The brand is of course, all about a smart working wardrobe, which can make for a very dull shopping experience if you’re not careful, I found the shirts something of a joy to see slotted in amongst the black jackets, the tangerine pussy cat bow style, above, made me want to reach for a pencil skirt, a pair of court shoes and some nice flicked-up cats-eye glasses. If there was a British Mad Men, ‘our Joan’ might wear such a shirt, feminine but cut with a bit of shape and a dash of hot colour.

tm lewin purple shirt

There are many well drawn prints to like and the fabric quality is excellent. I’ve picked the cute violet tulip print one above and the geese print one below, but there are lots to consider and HOW much more cheerful are they to wear than neutral or white? I understand some city firms are a bit strict about being too colourful in the office, but if you can get away with it, go for colour, for your own sanity if nothing else.

t m lewin bird shirt

There were good, shapely jackets in nice fabrics too; anyone needing that type of work wear should definitely give it a second look, I liked the softer tailored lines of the edge-toedge Elena textured one below. I visited the Jermyn Street store, which felt a teeny bit corporate in its design, I’d like to see a warmer and comfier atmosphere, you don’t really need the shop to look like the office in order to sell clothes for it, it’s done better with its newly refurbished and sweetly charming menswear store next door. But that aside, the brand is looking very promising for working wardrobes.

t m lewin jacket

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