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Recently, Jane tweeted that she would love it if magazine editorials were shop-able, a sort of  ‘browsing with cup of tea in hand, lovely picture, inspiring ideas, click to buy’ sort of process. She was having a tweeversation (?) with @SamAtRedMag about making online magazines both beautiful and shop-able, who was explaining it’s actually a lot harder than it looks.

So good to see that is making progress in this direction. Emily Evans, ex fashion designer, fashion editor and chair of membership at Chelsea Arts Club, launched the first edition of this partly shop-able mag this Monday and it looks lovely. From peeking inside the studios of artists Rod Walter and Stella Morris to talking to the admirably chic-at-80 artist Rose Hilton, the format allows us to admire and buy. We asked a few questions….

TWR So Emily, Everything In My House magazine, what’s this all about then?

EE Everythinginmyhouse is a new online magazine and store for people who love genuinely interesting homes, fine art, collectable furniture and objets and vintage fashion.

TWR What sort of features will you be writing?

EE Our editorial is focussed around individuals with amazing homes and collections of things. Behind each feature there is a store of one-off items for sale from that home (from mid-Century furniture to rare books and vintage clothing). Think of it as a glamorous Ebay with editorial!

We also take you inside the homes and studios of all kinds of artists with the opportunity to buy their work direct from our store pages. The nature of the concept means that we are hopefully more competitive than a gallery or a vintage store (with their retail overheads) whilst still ensuring that the vendor gets a good price (as we work on a relatively small commission on sales).

TWR Who do you hope will read it?

Consumers have become more imaginative and thrifty on all levels and the days of conspicuous spending on mass-produced products have gone. So the trend for finding the unique and the one-off is ongoing. Affordable art, vintage fashion finds, a statement second hand furniture piece, a rare Taschen title – people who enjoy finding these things are the consumers who we believe will enjoy our magazine and store.

Edited retail is also a growing trend and I guess we are part of that.

TWR Yes we are big fans of edited retail….You are based in Penzance in beautiful Cornwall, does that inspire your writing and content?

EE We are based in Cornwall but come to London each month and also travel to to wherever else necessary to find our featured homes and artists. If anyone is interested in talking to us about being featured within the magazine (and have items to sell within the store) they can contact us to find out more about how we work.

TWR You have a strong connection to the art world, can we expect tips on who to buy next in terms of Cornish artists?

EE Hopefully!  As our home is here, for our launch issue we decided to make it a sort of Cornish art special. There is such a wealth of talent down here in terms of fine art – and we are featuring just a few of the next generation of artists to invest in.

TWR I notice there’s a vintage clothing section, is that going to be selling product?

EE Vintage fashion is another focus for us – we have features each month on individuals with interesting collections for sale. In this month’s store pages you can find everything from a 1970s Dior couture dress to a Norman Hartnell costume from 1929.

It’s such a great idea to be able to buy both straight from other people’s houses and wardrobes from the magazine page and we wish Emily well with this idea, she has also been kind enough to put an ad for TWR (our first!) on the inside cover so we are even more hopeful that this first edition goes places.

But for me it’s the connection to good affordable art that I hope will grow as Emily has terrific connections to the art world and a good eye. I know lots of friends who are interested in buying from local artists but struggle to find a good ‘art editor’ to bring the right ones to their attention. I think Everythinginmyhouse has the potential to do this and we wish Emily well.

page from the launch edition of


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